Winter Getaways: the Luxury Destinations Travel Editors Love


This winter, there are plenty of beautiful destinations on our travel wish list. So many, in fact, we’re sometimes paralyzed by the choices available. That’s why we’re loving Conde Nast Traveler‘s picks straight from the desks of our fellow travel editors. Here’s what their contributors had to say!

“This February, for the second year running, I’m skiing in the French Alps. We’re staying in Le Monêtier-les-Bains, an old-fashioned mountain village with medieval churches, thermal springs, and cow stables in the backstreets. We like the Hôtel Alliey, with spacious rooms, good food, and a fabulous spa [33-4-92-24-40-02; doubles from $250].”—Fernanda Eberstadt, reporter, “There Will Be Blood

“Thailand’s Kho Phi Phi, with a dozen good books to read on the beach in front of my bungalow at the Zeavola [66-7562-7000; doubles from $340].”—Michel Figuet, photographer, “A Marvel in the Med”

“In winter I am usually happy to be home in New England, being cozy by the fire, but of late anyplace sunny and over 70 degrees will do. Last year I spent a month in Rajasthan. It was a perfect escape from the winter blues.”—Lisa Limer, photographer, “Welcome to El Dorado

“Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania. I’ll never forget this hilly little clove island that’s far more beautiful than neighboring Zanzibar. I did some of the best snorkeling of my life along the reef with the pink-bellied spinner dolphins that kept following our boat, showing off their acrobatic skills.”—Michela Wrong, reporter, “Welcome to El Dorado

Pictured above: the Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz. Source courtesy Conde Nast Traveler